Verdun is the sixth colony of the inhabited systems, terraformed in 171-174 AU/2227-2230 EI. Verdun is under SUM control, and has a population of approximately 500 million, it's largest city is Sandiford, named after Darren Sandiford, who oversaw terraforming of the planet. Sandiford is the biggest trade port on the planet, and is home to 65% of all interplanetary trade on Verdun.

Verdun is governed by Javier Thiele, who was appointed in 194 AU/09 EE, and is the second governor of Verdun, after the assassination of Maxwell Severs in 193 AU, by an unknown assailant, presumably hired by a group of extremists who opposed his actions to increase planetary security by making ship searches mandatory upon landing on Sandiford, due to increased faction violence in the city. Theile has since removed this law from the planets constitution, boosting his approval ratings by 30%, though increasing illegal dealings in Sandiford.

Other large cities include:





New Dukes


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