Petraeus is the fifth colony of the inhabited systems, terraformed in 167-170 AU/2232-2235 EI. Petraeus is controlled by SUM, and the population is aproximately 350 million. The largest city on Petraeus is Zampedri, named after Ali Zampedri, who saved 3 of his crew members lives when he drug them out of a terraformer that's life support systems had gone offline. Zampedri is a mostly residential city, known for being one of the wealthiest cities in the system.

Most trade happens in the smaller cities of Kvamme and Ureta, each accounting for about 30% of interplanetary trade on Petraeus. The colony is governed by Jack Wehrmann, who has been in office since the completion of the planets terraforming. It is illegal to carry weapons inside all major cities on Petraeus, weapons are instead given to gaurds at city entrances, which are put into the Urban Firearm Containment System (UFCS), developed by Allan Hollie, who then provide a unique ticket that can be scanned upon exiting the city to have your weapons returned.

Petraeus also houses one of the largest Constructers in the system, owned by Dirago Motors used to construct vehicles which are then shipped to dealers either in other cities, or loaded onto freighters and shipped to other planets. The Dirago Constructor is in the city of Liborio Heights, 4th largest city on Petraeus.

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