For centuries, chemical-propellant weapons have been the only weapon of choice for modern combat engagements. As a result, they have been applied to an incredibly diverse range of roles, in some capacity able to fufill all necessary weapon roles. Though mass drivers have almost totally overtaken the role of large weapon platforms, virtually every conceivable small arm is a chemical-propellant weapon. With the frontier as dangerous as it is, and with weapons as prevelant as they are, a good and knowledgable understanding of firearms .


Ultimatley, a firearm is merely a device that facilitates the discharge of ammunition, and what said piece of ammunition said firearm facilitates has a huge impact on the preformance of said weapon. The following is a list of commonly used rounds in New Frontier. (To be completed as Rp progresses)

Cased Weapons

.37 Shepran Auto- .37 SA

Medium pistol round. Very common.

.41 Arbitrate

Heavy pistol round. Common, especially on the frontier. Mostly subsonic.

11mm Pistol Carbine- 11mm PC

Very heavy pistol round. Somewhat common. Only used in carbines and some large hanguns.

6.1 Sub-Compact- 6.1 SC

Pistol round with rifle like dimensions. Not rare, but not terribly common either. Better capable at penetrating armor than other pistol rounds, but less stopping power

.25 RUS

Intermediate rifle round. Common.

.219 Varmit-Magnum- .219 VMag

Somewhat smaller intermediate round. Common. Mostly used with hunting rifles, similar leathality and lower recoil, but less stopping power.

.310 Ranger

Full power rifle round. Fairly common.

Caseless Weapons

.45 Sergus Casless

Medium pistol round. Uncommon on frontier worlds.

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