Earendil is the forth colony of the inhabited systems, terraformed in 163-166 AU. Earendil is under SUM control, and is the largest supplier of firearms of all of the colonies due to having over 100 small arm factories spread across it's cities and settlements. Earendil is home to a population of 850 million, one of the largest of the systems. It governed by Dane Perrenoud, who was appointed 1 month before terraforming was completed. Earendil is named after Thaddeus Earendil, for funding the terraformation.

Due to it's abundance of resources necessary for heavy-industry, lax laws towards manufactorers, and low buisness texes, Earendil the most heavily industrialized colony in all of SUM. The largest cities on Earendil are Nappo and Stavinoha, accounting for 30% and 40% of interpplantery trade on Earendil respectively. In addtion to various other factories each of the cities has many small arms plants, which produce most of the firearms traded to other planets, what Earendil is famous for. Dane Perrenoud has enlisted the planets own police force to work alongside the various company security personel to aid in protection of the factories, as the weapons they produce are sought after by many organized crime factions. To this day no known weapons have been stolen from their factories. Most of the remaining factories are spread across the towns of Gelvinburg, Javery, Labean, and Movius.

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